Curtailing your Child’s hobby during exams – an insight

Come the month of exams; anxiety, stress and nervousness are the common factors which can pull down your child’s morale and can easily make him succumb to academic pressure. Well! In the pursuit of securing higher grades, parents are responsible for placing an extra pressure on the kid by tightening their study schedule to an extent that they become monsters in their kid’s eyes. The now or never attitude shown by the parents in making their ward score high marks in his exam, unknowingly demoralizes the kid thus making him a nervous wreck. What more! Curtailing their hobbies and making them stoop over an academic book for long hours can land them up in a place where all their efforts can go in vain and scoring higher grades might literally backfire. Well! All moms and dads out there here is an article for you which throws light on the pros of allowing your kid to pursue his hobby even during the time of his assessments.
Shoots up morale:
Many studies reveal the importance of a sound mind in a sound body. Hobbies can definitely cultivate a strong mind in your child which academics alone cannot provide. It can easily serve as a pressure outlet and can immensely boost your child’s spirit. One thing to be remembered is that your child needs to face all challenges in life that are not only purely academic as he grows up. So, rest assured hobbies can be a motivating factor which can boost your child’s morale to a large extent.
 A rewarding enjoyment for the whole life:
The mind is like a sponge that can learn and absorb to its full potential only when it is young. Hobbies pursued at a tender age can never be erased from the person’s memory and can give a lifelong fulfillment. So, curtailing hobbies for securing higher grades can easily bring down the child’s enjoyment towards life and it will have a negative impact on the child’s personal growth.

Serves as a stress buster:
Unwinding oneself while doing a stressful job is not only a necessity but is also a functionality booster. Even machines have to undergo a shutdown operation for better performance. As per studies, there can be a no powerful stress buster than hobbies while under severe pressure. Hobbies are not only refreshing but also serve as a medium for detachment from the outside world. A little thought about your child’s better performance in curricular activities can stop you from curtailing his favorite hobbies.
Teaches to work in the group: 
Hobbies can encourage the phenomenon of social co-existence which is a much sought-after quality in any individual in this modern world. A healthy, confident and a cheerful child always take precedence over the one who is a bookworm. The self-satisfaction which the child gains through teamwork is always immeasurable.
Forces to schedule time: 
Imagine! If we have an interesting task to do won’t that hover over our mind and force us to complete the other tasks on time to snatch away those priceless minutes for that much-awaited work? In fact, the yummy work bait ahead would make the whole day’s work more interesting. The same is the case with kids. If the parents allow them to pursue their favorite hobby even during the assessment time while keeping their study schedule intact, their focus on work at hand would be manifold. Their eyes will be brimming with joy when they are assured that they are allowed their precious hobby time.
Stimulates the brain:
According to various studies, the healthy management of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities can keep the various part of the brain stimulated thus, keeping the diseases that occur in adulthood, like Dementia and Alzheimer’s, at bay. A healthy individual arises out of her healthy formative years and that is possible only with a healthy brain functioning. Thus preventing a kid from pursuing her hobby will certainly not keep him in the right frame of mind.

All said and done, hobbies only scale the child to greater heights and certainly not pull him down in the process. So think twice before your child’s hobby is curtailed during his exams and give him his much-needed breathing space!