Edible Water Bottles – Sets stage for a plastic free world!

Get ready for a revolutionary change in the way we consume water! Confused? Let me explain! Here comes an edible water bottle which can go a long way in making this beautiful world of ours into a plastic free one. This biodegradable water bottle namely ‘Ooho’ is the best alternative to the plastic containers.
Before going into the crux of the article, let me put forth some of the facts regarding the hazards of plastic to this planet so that we can appreciate this water bottle even more, which can be eaten and has almost no toxic effects.
·        Being classified as hazardous waste, about 280 million tons of plastic are produced every year.
·        The waste products of the production of plastic include harmful chemicals that are carcinogenic, neurotoxic and hormone-disruptive which gets mixed with water, land and air thus causing them to get extremely polluted.
·        It is very difficult for the plastic to get degraded into the soil. For this it may take about 500-1000 years.
·        Plastic wastes do not even spare the aquatic species. More and more of them have been documented with plastic in and around their bodies. Poor innocent creatures!
·        About one million of sea birds and hundred thousand marine animals are the direct target of this hazardous waste every year.
The above-listed statistics may sound horrifying but are we taking the necessary steps to curb this plastic pollution? The edible water bottles may be one stop solution to put an end to this ever increasing plastic menace. Come on readers; let us have a quick look at how water can be eaten and not sipped or guzzled down.
What is Ooho?
Shaped into a bubble, Ooho is designed and founded by Skipping Rocks lab. A biodegradable membrane which is made of natural seaweed extracts surrounds drinking water. This outer membrane encircling the water can be safely consumed if one wishes to do so. Otherwise one has the option to throw away the outer covering which biodegrades in just 4 to 6 weeks. Compare this with that of plastic which can take years together to biodegrade!
Now let us have a look at the pros and cons of this amazing invention!
·        This bubble encapsulating the water can be produced at a lower price as compared to its plastic counterpart. In other words it is rather economical.
·        Ooho, is environmental friendly as already mentioned, by noticing the rate at which it degrades and the way it avoids landfills.
·        This edible packaging can easily seal other liquids like juices and soft drinks! Thus it is not only meant for encapsulating drinking water.
·        The best part of Ooho is that it can be made at home.
·        As the membrane is tasteless it can suit anyone.
·        As the membrane is transparent, the cleanliness of the water to be consumed can easily be judged.
·         Since the encapsulating membrane can be always be consumed, there is no need to look for dustbins and it can thus be carried on the go anywhere on this planet and who knows, maybe into space as well!
Just like every invention has its own disadvantages, this edible water bottle is no exception. Let us see some of its cons!
·        The membrane being delicate makes it less potable. Chances are that, due to rough handling the outer covering might get ruptured.
·        One blob might not be able to quench the thirst of an individual as it provides only a single gulp of water to the end user.
·        The membrane being unique in texture gets a while for a person to get used to it.
·        Once the membrane gets ruptured it cannot be sealed back and thus leading to water wastage if not consumed.
Skipping Rocks Lab has planned to introduce this water blob in marathons and other major events. It has not yet been introduced in consumer markets. Well! All said and done, this is a remarkable achievement by the scientists to ward off the production and consumption of the plastics which are highly poisonous to our dear planet. This invention is undoubtedly taking us one step forward to a pollution free environment and is setting a wonderful stage to a plastic free world.