Ideas for choosing Ideal Global Getaways at the Eleventh hour from India

At last! That much-needed break from work is happening and did that come as a surprise, out of the blue? Planning to spend those precious moments away from that monotonous, strenuous grind in an amazing international tourist destination? Are all major decisions regarding your vacation plans yet to be taken and are you running short of time? If the answers to that volley of questions are in the affirmative, then this article can serve as a guide in making your travel plans more effective and easier. Listed here are 5 enchanting places closer to India, to where last minute travel plans can be made without much fuss and you shall be left with no jet lag.
Affectionately called as the ‘Land of thunder dragon’, Bhutan is an ideal tourist destination for those who are in the pursuit of peace away from the mayhem back at home. Boasting of verdant valleys, majestic monasteries and panoramic views, Bhutan can enthrall the visitor with everlasting memories.
Why this place can be your last minute top pick!
·        No Visa hassles! For Indian nationals, visa can be obtained on the port of Arrival which has a 6 months validity period on producing a valid passport or a voter’s Identity card.
·        It’s easy to reach Bhutan either by Air, rail or road.
By Air: There are direct connecting flights from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi etc., to Paro which is the only international airport in Bhutan. The travel time is about 2.5 hrs from Delhi.
By Rail: This is the cheapest way to reach Bhutan. The train can be taken from major Indian cities to Hasimara situated in the Indo-Bhutan border via Jaigaon town in West Bengal.
·        A year-round tourist destination with each season offering its own unique attractions.
·        There is no problem in finding Indian food.
·        No tourist destination is safer when compared to Bhutan
Attractions at a glimpse:
·        Tiger’s nest monastery is situated strategically on the cliff where one can get breathtaking views of the valleys below.
·        Punakha Dzong stands majestically between two rivers and is connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge – A must watch.
·        Zuri Dzong is a peak which gives amazing views of the Paro valley below.
·        Gangtey valley which is one of the most enchanting valley offering stunning views in the Himalayas.
If you are adventurous and ready to experience the fusion of historical and the present day modern world, then there is no reason why you cannot consider travelling to Cambodia. It is situated between Vietnam and Thailand.
Why this place can be your last minute top pick!
·        No Visa hassles as Cambodia offers Visa on arrival for Indian citizens.
·         Getting into Cambodia at Phnom Penh or Siem Reap is easy by flight from one of the major Indian metropolitan cities via Bangkok.
·        Though the best time to visit Cambodia is during winter months, it is considered as a year round tourist destination.
·        Food for Indians is not of a problem as the staple food of the nationals of Cambodia themselves is rice, meat and vegetables which can easily satisfy the Indian taste buds.
·        Ranked as the 59th safest tourist destination in the world there is no problem for safety in this part of the globe, though avoiding remote corners of the city at night would be advisable.
Attractions at a glimpse:
·        Angkor Wat, a must-watch temple complex and a major tourist attraction here spans about 400 sq km in area. It exhibits the temple relics of the 9th to 14th century.
·        Can go around the floating villages of Siem reap, to get a glimpse of the authenticity of Cambodia.
·        Can head to the beach paradise at Sihanoukville.
Seychelles:  If you want to experience paradise on Earth with serene hills, turquoise waters and white sand beaches complementing each other, then heading to Seychelles might be the right choice. This most beautiful part of the globe, located in the waters of the eastern coast of Africa, consists of about 115 islands vying each other for the tourist’s attention.
Why this place can be your last minute top pick!
·        No visa hassles! Visa can be obtained on arrival and it is valid for about 1 to 3 months.
·        No travel hassles! There is a direct connecting flight from Mumbai to Mahe, which is the main island of Seychelles. It takes only about 5 hours to reach this dream destination.
·        An all year-round weather friendly tourist spot with a pleasant tropical climate.
·        Indian eatery available, which keeps a hard core Indian’s food problem at bay.
·        A safe tourist haven.
Attractions at a glimpse:
·        Mahe Island is a home to about 65 beaches and the tiniest capital city in the world- Victoria which can entertain you with hordes of attractions.
·        Praslin Island boasts of the world’s most beautiful beaches and UNESCO’s world heritage site.
·        Cousine Island which houses the world’s most endangered species.
·        Scuba diving is one of the other popular major attractions.

Sri Lanka:
If you want to horde lifetime memories on wildlife and historical relics then visiting Sri Lanka can be a good decision. It boasts of picturesque sceneries with rolling hills, lush green forests, splendid waterfalls and golden beaches which would make anyone fall for its beauty.
Why this place can be your last minute top pick!
·        No Visa required, but a special permit should be obtained for tourism which is valid for 30 days.
·        The cheapest way to reach Sri Lanka from India is to take a direct connecting flight from Chennai. The travel time is about 1-1.5 hours.
·         Since the weather here is more or less constant and splendid throughout the year it can be visited anytime.
·        The country has plenty of unique dishes to offer and food for Indians is no real problem.
·        It is a real safe tourist destination and violence against foreigners is unheard of.
Attractions at a glimpse:
·        Citadel of Sigiriya (Lion Rock) is a fine example for breathtaking landscape, art and architecture.
·        The spectacular views from Adams peak cannot be missed.
·        Home to largest number of Leopards, Yala National Park is the best place to explore wildlife.
·        You will get awed by the beautiful murals and statues at the Dambulla cave temple.
Let us wrap up this article with yet another most stunning location!

When one thinks of Indonesia, he cannot miss imagining about its charming islands and the picturesque beauty. With 17,500 islands, it can be rated as one of the most enchanting tourist spots. It has abundant cultural, natural and historical sites which can keep any tourist enamored.
Why this place can be your last minute top pick!
·        No Visa Hassles as a tourist visa can be procured on Arrival to Indonesia which is valid for 30 days.
·        Direct connecting flights are available between Mumbai and Jakarta (Capital of Indonesia) via Bangkok.
·        A year-round travel destination, though the best time to visit would be from April to October.
·        Though this destination is sprinkled with a lot of Indian restaurants, a few dishes which are unique to this place like Nasi Goreng and Soto Ayam Ambengan can be tried.
·        Indonesia is a fairly safe tourist destination than rest of the countries in the world.
Attractions at a Glimpse:
Apart from the famous Bali, natural attractions like Lake Toba, Mount Bromo and Komodo national park are worthy places to be visited.
Though this is a concise list of amazing travel destinations, choosing one among these for your holiday travel will certainly revive back the enthusiasm towards life in you. Well! What are you waiting for? It’s time to get, set, pack and move! Happy international travel!


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