Joy of Greeting the Day Early – Tips to jump the hurdles

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’-Benjamin Franklin
Though the above well known quote speaks tons for itself, I would like to elaborate on the joy of greeting the day early and some techniques to jump the hurdles which may come along the way. I am sure that the knowledge of the benefits of waking up early will go a long way in laying a strong foundation for a successful and a beautiful life.  Come on readers! Let us first explore a few of the immense benefits of early rising!
Induces Optimism
Believe it or not, people who are early morning risers have an upper hand on their work front over the people who are not. The self-confidence and positive approach towards their day’s dealings shine on their very faces and attitude. Research shows that their anticipation of the possible problems that may arise during the day, helps them to minimize it efficiently thus inducing optimism in their very soul.
Finding pleasures which you may otherwise miss
 The first thing which comes to my mind is the magnificent and majestic sunrise! Imagine having a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and your favorite book on the other, with the cool morning breeze caressing your face and absolute silence around, in front of the rising sun, shooing out the darkness! Is there any better way to kick start your day? There is no pleasure better than the leisurely pace with which you can carry out your morning routine. Preparing a nice healthy breakfast and enjoying every bit of the process can only be got by early risers!
Preparing yourself physically for the day’s challenges
Mornings can be the best part of the day when you can exercise without any disturbance. Though you can put the physical workouts during any time of the day in your schedule, mornings are the most reliable part of the day when this most important activity can be carried out without any postponement or cancellation.
Beating the peak hour morning traffic to work place
Well! The morning heavy traffic to your work place can be comfortably beaten if you are an early morning riser. This reduces a lot of unnecessary tension while commuting. I am sure that this point will very well be appreciated by those who were caught in the heavy rush hour, the consequences being, many embarrassing moments in front of their senior officials.

  Now let me hop on to some quick suggestions to jump the possible hurdles in waking up early:
·        Drastic changes in the sleeping patterns can cause one to get lethargic as the day progresses. One possible solution can be to gradually prepone the wake up timings until you reach a time which is optimal for you.
·         Think about the most interesting work you are going to carry out the first thing as you greet the day. This can be meditation, reading a very exciting book or going out for a brisk walk. Thinking about such motivational factors can ward of your morning drowsiness.
·        Put the alarm clock away from you, so that you may have to walk across the room to put it off. By the time you reach the alarm clock and think about the motivational factors which will help you get going to start a nice day you would have forgotten all about sleep. A nice technique isn’t it?
·         An early bird is mostly an early sleeper! Get your surroundings manipulated in such a way to get your brain tricked to believe that it is time to sleep. This can be done by making your bedroom pitch dark, setting comfortable temperatures and having noiseless surroundings. 
·        Never rationalize with your brain during waking up time. It will surely lead you to snooze some extra hours, thus causing a major hurdle to getting up early.

Well, readers! After having read this far I am sure most of your alarm clocks would be set to a time earlier than you have been waking up now to discover the joy of greeting the day early. Happy arising!