Let’s Bid Adieu to That Sweet Tooth

How many of us would dare to say a strict no-no to a delicious chocolate ice cream or a sumptuous strawberry cheesecake? Well! The very thought of such delicious treats would make many of our mouths water, though we are very much aware of the fact that sugary foods would harm our health to a very great extent. Is there a way out to put an end to sugar cravings? Come on readers let us try to explore the ways to pull out that sweet tooth of ours to lead a happy healthier lifestyle!
Before we proceed further, let me first throw light on the few of the many negative impacts of that sugary stuff on our body! From causing tooth decay and damaging the liver to being the root cause of many deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes and various heart ailments that silent assassin does all the work that is required to damage our body slowly but steadily! Well! All the above mentioned facts are pretty well known to most of us but keeping a sugary treat strictly away is understandably such a herculean task. Is there a way out to help us from the treacherous grip of Sugar? Readers! Please read on to discover some useful tips which really works out to keep sugar cravings at bay!
·       Differentiate between hunger and sugar cravings:
According to a famous weight management specialist Sarah Koszyk, it is important not to mistake hunger for sugar cravings. So according to her, the best way to tackle it would be to fill our tummy with healthy snacks before hunger strikes! By doing so, we can easily restrict ourselves from munching away sweets when we are actually hungry.

·       Replace sugar with their perfectly healthy counterparts:
Illusions of that sweetened taste can be very gratifying which can be done by mixing our snack with cinnamon, honey, bananas, sweet vegetables, dates etc., which not only satisfies our sweet tooth but also stands by our health.

·       Try drinking water:
Drinking water might be another alternative! Our body might be actually thirsty which may be mistaken for cravings. So, a glass of water can do wonders to put aside that sugary stuff and you can sense those cravings diminish. 

·       A Change in the environment can do you a lot of good:
The urge to eat something sweet can be made to take the back seat by shifting our focus on something else. To name a few a brisk walk outside or watching television or listening to your favorite music can easily change the thought process and do us a lot of good by distancing us away from sugar cravings.

·       Keep Stress under control:
Studies show that stress usually causes abnormal food cravings, especially in women. It is better to analyze the root cause of our cravings to deal with them! There are many proven avenues to ward off stress which may include yoga, meditation etc., and they can easily help us to put a full stop from eating sugar coated sweets.

·       Have a good night’s sleep:
Sometimes sleep deprivation can lead to gorging unwanted sweetened stuff. See to that in no way your beauty sleep is disturbed and it is a long, refreshing one.

Sweets, can, of course, be had within limits but addiction to them is something to be worried about. Hope these tips go a long way in bidding goodbye to that sweet tooth and helps in steering our life to a better direction!