New technology locks the fear of lost keys

Technology and innovations have always amazed us in every way. Here comes a new one, which is a breakthrough in the security system that in every way can make us feel safe. This article explores the niceties of modern technology, called VibWrite, with the help of which one can forget to worry about the safety of the keys which locks our possessions. All you need to safeguard your belongings is to swipe the tip of your finger over a flat surface. Come on readers; let us get to know and appreciate this out of the box security system.

How does it work? Some of the most common security systems that we might have come across can be the iris or the fingerprint scan. But this kind of security system developed by the engineers from the Rutgers University uses a totally different and easier method of authentication. Before proceeding further let us first try to understand its working. The whole system depends on an inexpensive motor and a receiver placed on a solid surface which can be of any material such as wood, plastic, glass etc. By doing so, the system can turn any flat surface into an identification sensor. Interesting, isn’t it? All the user has to do is to touch the area between the motor and the sensor. Vibrations are generated by the motor which in turn directs them towards the receiver after hitting the finger bone placed on the solid surface. The receiver then registers the vibrations and helps to authenticate the user. To cut a long story short, this security system authenticates a person by using his finger’s bone structure.
Let us try to have a peek at the pros of this amazing technology.

·       Low cost will be the key to its success. As already mentioned, both the sensor and the motor which constitutes the system are inexpensive.  A professor at Rutgers University, Yingying Chen states that “Smart access systems that use fingerprinting and iris-recognition are very secure, but they are probably more than 10 times as expensive as our system, especially when you want to widely deploy them.” His statement can clearly settle our cost worries.
·       The hardware installation is relatively quite easy and certainly would not burn your pockets.
·       Another major added attraction to this technology is its minimal consumption of power.
·       Also, it is designed in such a way that it protects your possessions from the attacks of hackers.
·       The reliability and the accuracy of this technology in authenticating the user is about 95 percent.

Associated with every rising technology there are certain inevitable cons. Let us not skip in knowing them though!
·       The current Vibwrite system may require several strides of improvement. The reason being, the legitimate user may require more than one attempts to pass the system. However, deploying more than one sensors and improving the authentication algorithms for better performance are in the process.
·       Also, the need to withstand the outside harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures require being further tested.

The Rutgers University professor has declared that Vibwrite probably could be commercialized in a couple of years. This is great news for the consumers since we can forget the fear of lost keys and our fingertip would be the door to access our precious possessions. Let’s hail this offbeat technology which keeps thieves and hackers at bay!