Positivity- The need of the Hour

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”- Winston Churchill
Let us consider a famous personality. Before I reveal his name let us quickly check on his success ladder.  Fired from work by a newspaper editor for lack of imagination and new ideas, this legend struggled to make ends meet at the initial phase of his career. After much of a struggle to set up his own studio, he passed through a rough phase and was very unsuccessful in this regard. Not only had he lost his animation character and crew to a producer who was a cheat, he was forced to settle for a meager salary. But these strings of failures could not shake the optimism in this man and he went on to create the most successful cartoon character which history ever saw- The Mickey Mouse. Yes! You guessed it right; we are talking about none other than the famous legend, Walt Disney. Had the positive mindset been shaken in him at any point in his career, the world would have been deprived of his stupendous creations. Well! His story is very inspiring indeed!
 Before we go on any further let us try to look into these tips which are sure to create a positive mind set in any individual which is undoubtedly the need of the hour in this fast paced, stress packed world.
Tip 1 # Replace every negative thought by a positive one as and when they pop up.
Unknowingly we may be held back by several negative messages on our path to success. Ignoring them and replacing them by positive ones will surely do a whole lot of good to the mind as well as the body. Jotting down a few positive quotes and viewing them as frequently as possible will also help one to go a long way on the road to be an optimist.
Tip 2 # Surround yourself with positive- minded people.                             
When you are in the midst of optimistic people, you are most likely to develop a positive mindset. The impact the people we meet create upon us is huge and if they spread positivity then we can benefit in a large way even without any efforts on our own.
Tip 3 # Be realistic:
Well! Life is not a bed of roses! It is indeed a path of ups and downs, strewn with a lot of thorns. There should be a firm belief that when life poses you with problems, there ought to be a turnaround, with the difficult tidings fading away. Being realistic and taking life as it comes will do a whole lot of good to your mind and soul.
Tip 4 # Shower Gratitude on life’s positives:
Though life may sometimes be harsh, on a careful second look, it must have sure showered you with a lot of blessings. Try not to see the negative side that life has offered but shower gratitude to the positive ones. In short, count your blessings!
  Tip5 # Stay in the present:
Wallowing in the past or future will not do you any good. Staying in the present will not only enhance the work at hand but also give a boost to the speed at which your job will be completed. When the past or future cannot be altered at any cost, why fret, fume or regret! Your firm foothold in the present is sure to take you to greater heights.
Tip 6 # Time is the best healer
As the saying goes ‘time and tide waits for none’, it is indeed a blessing that time never stops. Bad times are sure to pass. So handling oneself with utmost care during those periods of trials must be given utmost priority.
Most of us are aware of the positive outcomes of being optimistic, but somehow shun ourselves from reaping its benefits. Why not enjoy the outputs of a positive mindset by creating one instead of waiting for a shower of good times to reach us! Dear readers, here I have tried to list down a few of the many positive effects of being an optimist, before I draw this article to a close!
·         Optimists lead a happier lifestyle compared to the pessimists.
·         Live a longer, healthier life
·         Become highly successful in their respective fields
·         Exhibit ease in socializing
·         Tolerance level gets extended
·         Celebrate little things that life has to offer
·         Search room for improvement even when others deny, in all possible matter
·         Tend to be better leaders
To put it in a nutshell, optimists are the only ones who drink life’s joys to the brim. So what are we waiting for? Let us switch over to a positive mindset which is the need of the hour!