Smart Pans – Takes cooking to the Next Level beyond imagination!

In this modern fast paced world, where experiments with cooking different kinds of recipes has sadly taken a back seat, here comes a technology to the rescue which will undoubtedly save the culinary art from drowning. This innovative step, towards taking cooking to the next level is sure to grab anyone’s attention and find its place in every kitchen in the near future.
What are Smart pans?
It is a modern gadget which monitors closely the way one cooks like a close friend, guiding throughout the culinary journey. It not only helps to prepare a delicious meal by regulating the temperature and time to be cooked but also helps to track the nutritional requirements to perfection.
Popular Brands:
The two most popular brands which fall in this category are Pantelligent and Smartypans. Smartypans’s smart work was showcased at the Consumer Electronic Show, recently held at Las Vegas, USA where its outstanding design and engineering was marveled. Pantelligent was also crowned as one of the best inventions of 2015 by Popular Science Magazine.
Though, these pans boast of being really smart, their appearance is like any other normal pan in our today’s kitchen closet. Both the brands, Pantelligent and Smartypans have a strong aluminum body. While Pantelligent has temperature sensors, Smartypans have weight and temperature sensors along with a removable cook top.
How does it work?
Basically, the electronics embedded in the cookware communicate with the app downloaded in your smart phone, which gives step by step instructions in the cooking process and also monitors the temperature of your recipe. Smartypans go one step further in that the app recognizes voice commands and computes nutritional information. Most importantly, they ensure that your dish is never a disaster.
The Good Things First:
·        Can track nutritional values of the contents being cooked with ease.
·        Ensures that the dish is not over or under cooked. Thanks to the temperature sensors embedded in them.
·        Step by step cooking instructions help to try out any recipe with ease.
·        The app which comes along with the pan has many recipes with which new recipes can be added.
·        Smartypans are dishwasher safe.
·        Since Smartypans monitor weight, one can bid goodbye to measuring scales and cups.
·        The removable cook top, allows one to use the same pan as baking pan as well as to cook other recipes.
·        Smartypans can be used on gas as well as induction cook tops.
  The cons:
·        These pans can easily burn a hole in your pocket as they are very costly.
·        Being a perfectly modern gadget, one has to really try it out to see whether it is user friendly.
All said and done, these smart pans are sure to take cooking to the next level beyond imagination. Rest assured, these pans are going to create culinary interest amongst the future generation. Thanks to such innovations which keeps such art from dying. Happy cooking!