Let us have a quick look at the communication lineage! First, it was the doves, then it was the smoke and torch signals, then telegraph and radio and then technology saw a huge leap in the form of the telephone which eventually evolved into mobile phones and smartphones.  We can be for sure that this is not certainly going to be the end of the lineage. Here comes a technology which uses your index finger as a medium to communicate. Well! This is the 21st century which brings along with it several surprising packages in communication technology amongst which this scintillating SGNL technology is noteworthy.
How to use this amazing technology? Basically, it comes with a watch strap, which should be worn on the wrist. The most interesting feature is that it is devoid of any headset. Just place the index finger to your ear and the embedded microphone in your watch strap allows you to have a conversation with anyone while the smartphone resides in your pocket. Amazing isn’t! I am sure using this technology would give anyone the feeling that they are being pulled into a science fiction movie.
Let me try to satisfy the curiosity as to how it works! The smart phone gets connected to the SGNL watch strap with the help of Bluetooth. When a voice signal is received, it triggers the BCU (Body conduction unit) embedded in the watch strap, thus vibrating. This vibration gets conducted through your hand to the fingertip and when the index finger is placed to your ears the sound gets amplified.
Now let us have a bird’s eye view of the technology’s pros.
  • ·       It cannot harm your body as vibrations which are the main source of conduction, are rather harmless.
  • ·       Its ease of use makes the technology more appealing.
  • ·       Since it is devoid of any headsets or ear phones, it is easier and hassle-free to talk with anyone, anywhere.
  • ·       Even in crowded and noisy surroundings, clarity of the voice is maintained.
  • ·       Your much-needed privacy is maintained as the voice of the person on the other side can be heard only by you.
  • ·       The strap can easily be fixed to your watch, thus making your dumb watch into a smart watch.

The whole idea of this highly praised technology is not totally new as it has already been tried out by artist Sean Miles in 2013, through wearable gloves which acted as a phone. Better known as ‘Talk to the Hand’, these gloves were priced at about euro 1000 and was displayed in an exhibition.
This innovative device has been invented by Innomdle Lab, a company which is an official spin-off from Samsung Electronics. Being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, this technology was highly rated for its outstanding design and engineering. Well! For your information, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcases every year the coolest gadgets and technology, mostly around the first week of January in Las Vegas, USA.
The watch strap is available in colors blue, white, and black. If you have any idea of owning this device, check out its price at the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.
As we enter a new scientific era, this SGNL smartwatch strap no doubt stands out amongst the crowd of scintillating technologies!