Edible cutlery: A precious eco-friendly gift for the generations to come

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” So goes a proverb.
With pollution, deforestation, explosive population growth and plastic menace, is it possible to give the same wondrous planet that we live on to our future generation? When we sit back to think, handing over the earth to our children with the same amenities that we enjoy may seem to be a herculean task. The harsh truth is that our dear planet is deteriorating by all means especially by the ever increasing use of plastic which threatens the environment by being non-biodegradable. Well! Relax! Maybe this bitter truth can be turned a bit sweeter when the plastic menace can be challenged. Readers, let us get to know about this unique step taken towards saving our environment by using what is called ‘Edible cutlery’!
As the name suggests, edible cutlery can be consumed after your meal, unlike their plastic counterparts which when thrown away into bins, rots our surroundings. Approximately, 120 billion plastic utensils are thrown away in India after a single use, and that is a rather astonishing statistic. Let me share another menacing statistic as per a study conducted by Center Pollution Control Board (CPCB). About 6,137 tonnes of plastic is released as thrash per day thus polluting our dear environment to its fullest. These figures can be quite intimidating but it can largely be controlled by taking essential steps in the right direction by using the edible form of spoons and forks. The production of this unique form of cutlery was initiated by Bakeys, a company masterminded by an Indian. Read on to know more about this nutritious cutlery whose ingredients are worth to be appreciated.
Ingredients of edible cutlery:
A balanced proportion of multigrain like rice, wheat and jowar form the basis of making this type of cutlery and with a dash of mint or chocolate flavor, they become truly delicious!
Points to ponder for switching over to edible cutlery!
·       Mother earth will certainly be able to digest them as they can decompose in a very short time, unlike their plastic counterparts.
·       Can withstand food which is very hot.
·       Free of preservatives which make their shelf life very long (about three years).
·        Also, they are free of moisture content which is an added advantage for their longer shelf life.
·       A firm and authoritative step towards a green future.
Though the cost of this cutlery is on the higher end as compared to the cheap plastics circulating in the market, when we gauge its positive impact on our environment, we can realize the negative results of the usage of cheap plastic and tend to support the edible cutlery immensely.
Where to buy:
Though they are yet to hit the markets, they can be purchased through their project Facebook page and you might have to part with Rs.5 to Rs.8 per piece of bowl depending on its size.
Well! As we all know, little drops make the mighty ocean, a small contribution from each one of us to save our dear environment can make a huge difference and make this earth a better place to survive.
All said and done, edible cutlery can be the best gift for the generations to come and a precious one indeed!