Magical and mesmerizing can be the right words with which one can describe the much sought after tourist destination, Kuala Lumpur.  This majestic capital of Malaysia has all the necessary attractions which can make any visitor feel enthralled and longing to visit the place multiple times. Being a first-time visitor here, I would like to relate to the reader the major attractions here, which my family found fascinating.
KL Bird Park:
Being the world’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary, and situated midst the beautiful scenery of the lake gardens, this bird park can be rated as the most interactive one. As one steps into the park, he would have a feeling as if he is entering a huge cage, filled with colorful birds, moving about freely. You simply cannot miss enjoying the daily activities here like the parrot, Eagle and Ostrich feeding and bird photography in the photo booth. The bird show here, at timings 12.30pm and 3.30pm, can be the most attractive one with various colorful birds showing their cute little antics. My dear daughter had an opportunity to act as a volunteer in this bird act and she enjoyed herself thoroughly doing so. Housing about 3000 birds, consisting of about 200 species, this free flight aviary is an attraction surely not to be missed.
Petronas Twin Towers:  
Being called the pride of Malaysia, Petronas twin towers, stands tall at 170 meters above the street level and offers an amazing view of the surrounding city, dotted with several sky scrapers, form the observation deck which is at the 86th level and the sky bridge at the 41st level.  One will be allowed to go up and tour the fascinating towers at the sky bridge and observation deck by purchasing a ticket either at the entrance to the tower or online. These tickets are time slotted. We toured the Petronas in the late evening and it was a delight to watch the whole Malaysian city dotted with colorful lights which resembled stars down earth. Watching the Petronas from both below and atop the towers was a magnificent sight and it appeared as though they were decorated illuminated candles. Truly, it was the best experience we had.
Batu Caves:
 This is a major attraction situated just 13 kilometers to the north of the capital city. The three major caves here can leave an ever lasting impression on anyone. The Ramayana cave has stunning paintings and sculptures of the Ramayana epic. The entrance to the second cave, which houses the shrine is greeted by a statue of a very impressive 42.7 meters, tall Hindu God to whom the cave shrine is dedicated. To reach this cave, a flight of 272 steps have to be climbed. At step 204, there a diversion leading to the dark caves which houses over a million of bats and other creepy crawly creatures. But a word of caution! One should be very careful of the fleet of monkeys scampering around the area. An interesting point to note is that these caves are made of lime stone which are about 400 million years old.
Central market:
If you want to experience the richness of Malaysian art, culture and heritage, then one should head straight to the central market. This place is Kuala Lumpur’s award- winning market place which showcases everything Malaysian ranging from handicrafts and textiles to local food.
Merdeka Square:
 Being the best known landmark of Kuala Lumpur, Merdeka Square is a huge carefully manicured lawn, with a world’s tallest flagpole proudly displaying the Malaysian flag. This has been the venue for the annual national day parade since August 31st 1957. Surrounded by KL library, KL city gallery, and the Sultan Abdul Samad building this place is visually appealing at night when illuminated.
KLCC Park:
Well! Imagine this placid view…a 50 acre lush green garden surrounding the Petronas, a 10,000sqm serene man-made lake which has dancing water fountains that can shoot up to 42m and different species of trees scattered all over the area. Wonderful isn’t it! All the descriptions above constitute the KLCC Park. Having different kinds of facilities like Children Park, Children’s swimming pool, long jogging tracks, shelters and benches etc, this is a park which you cannot simply miss. A nice park to relax and rejuvenate after visiting the Petronas.
                          Each and every attraction in Kuala Lumpur is truly magical and I believe that I have given a quick gist of what we saw and experienced there. Well then! What stops you from adding this fabulous place in your list of destinations to be explored! Wishing you a joyous trip to Kuala Lumpur…