Vacation to work – Ten tips for a stress free bounce back!

So, wasn’t that a relaxing vacation? Now its time to get back to the working mode isn’t it? A child in anyone can start crying, throwing temper tantrums for the vacations to last forever. The images in your head of that grinding work, routine schedule, work pressure etc, can pull you down altogether and make you feel sullen. We have to come back to reality and, after all, life is not a bed of roses. Cheer up! Maybe returning to work is not that bad after all. Hope these tips will keep you motivated and help you get back to work in a good frame of mind.
Tip #1: That cushion day would be really helpful.
See to it that you return back from your vacation at least two days before you go back to work. These days can serve as a buffer to steer you back to the normal routine and can put your mental tensions about taking care of all the undone household chores to rest.
Tip #2 :  Stick to your normal routine as close as possible.
Try not to overlook those workouts and avoid staying up late even during vacations. Sticking to your normal schedule can help to tune your mind and body and you can have a much easier bounce back from vacations back to work.
Tip #3 : Set your morning alarm early to get to work soon on the first day back after vacation.
Those earlier than usual morning hours can do wonders on your work front. This time can be utilized in checking missed out mails and tidying up your work space. It can also help you to condition your mind before your strenuous work at office/home begins.
Tip #4 : Plan ahead for a nice get away
While you are still on your current vacation, you can plan ahead for your next vacation. This will help you to look forward to something pleasurable and also help you to keep motivated.
Tip #5: A checklist of the work to be done can keep you moving fast.
 Planning a checklist of the chores to be done when you get back, while you are still on vacation would be really helpful. By doing so, the importance of each work to do be done and its size can be easily assessed.
Tip #6: Keep your vacation mood still on by sharing your experiences with people at work and the neighbors and friends.
Having a delightful talk with your co-workers and friends about the vacation can really keep you ticking. It will help you to relive those wonderful memories and keep you motivated.
Tip #7 : Pre-vacation tasks
Complete all your pending work as much as possible during pre-vacation so that, when you return, there will not be much burden on you. There is a huge difference between completing the work during the pre-vacation time and the post vacation. You will find yourself highly spirited before the vacation as there is something pleasurable to look forward to.
Tip #8 : Set realistic goals
No doubt you were absent from your work for a while and it would have created a lot of backlog. It will certainly be a hard task mentally and physically to face the demanding situations all of a sudden. It would be wise to set realistic goals and be patient in handling the situations. Breathing exercises could really help.
Tip #9 : Get your co-worker’s/friend’s help
It would be great if your coworker or friend could do some of your work while you are away. In return you could offer to take his work while he is away.
Tip #10 : Do not let your post vacation blues break your vacation’s charm.
Last but not the least, try to be in a cheerful mindset when you get back to work, spreading positive vibrations around. Let your getaway be a booster to your work. Looking at the vacation pictures taken can make you relish every moment of it.
Happy home coming!


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  2. Love this! It's always hard getting back to work after a vacation. My fave is planning for a next vacation.


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