What do the stars foretell?


Have you ever wondered how the tiny energy star label on our home electrical appliances is making a huge impact on our everyday lives?        
To start with, what does the label show?
The energy star rating label updates us with comparative annual energy consumption. A star rating, usually from one to six stars (one to ten stars for fridge and air conditioners), shows how energy efficient the appliance is. This makes it easier for a comparative energy consumption study between the different appliances of similar category in the market. Thus, for example, a three star appliance is less preferable than a five or more star appliance.
The reliability of the energy star label might be our next question.
A national institution called the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) was set up by the Government of India in March 2002 under the Energy conservation act 2001. This institution has invoked star rating for some 21 equipments/appliances, of which it is compulsorily to have the energy star label for Room Air Conditioners, Tubular Fluorescent Tube Lights, Frost Free Refrigerators and Distribution Transformers. For other products such as Induction Motors, Direct Cool Refrigerator, electric storage type geyser, Ceiling fans, Color TVs, Agricultural pump sets, LPG stoves, Washing machine, Laptops  etc. it is optional.

But watch out for some misinformed salespeople telling you that an appliance is of better “quality” because it has an energy star label on it. What all the label will tell you is whether the product is energy efficient, that too on a comparative basis, and there is no assurance on the overall performance or quality of the product.  
Now what does each star on the label indicate?
Each star represents 10 % to 30 % of energy usage savings depending on the appliance. Thus more stars the appliance gets, the more energy efficient it is. The number of stars highlighted in colour on the label shows how energy efficient your appliance is.
Also look out for the year of manufacture of the product on the label. The star ratings change as the standard of product improves. Thus the 5 star rating of a particular product manufactured  2 years ago, might be equivalent to the 3 star rating of the same product today.
Do these energy star appliances help us in saving money? Yes!  Since these appliances meet the minimum national energy efficiency standards, they use less power which means lower electricity bills.
               Also go green with these appliances! The less energy we all use, the lower our demand on power plants, which means less pollution.   
              Thus slash your energy bills and protect the environment by investing in the best energy star rated appliances.